come to a world with raz-zac, elves, dwarfs, dragon riders, spirits and so many more. where magic isnt just a myth and fighting for freedom is alive.
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 Information #2

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PostSubject: Information #2   Tue Nov 04, 2008 10:02 pm

if you need any specific help pm me Odo.
magic on this site works as you learn the words not learning the spells. Depending on your strength determines how many words you can string together at once.
weapon & hand to hand is determined by your role playing skills and how long your posts are with the weapon so completely based on what you say you do
dragons there strength is always similar to the riders if they are wild they possess there own they do not use the ancient language but can bend reality to some extent to there own will

life is a constant fight
war just adds another battle to it
but time is in charge
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Information #2
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