come to a world with raz-zac, elves, dwarfs, dragon riders, spirits and so many more. where magic isnt just a myth and fighting for freedom is alive.
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 Killaca the elf

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PostSubject: Killaca the elf   Wed Nov 05, 2008 1:49 am

name: Killaca

nickname: none

age: 146

rank: warrior

description: She have very long straight black hair that goes down to her low back, it is always very clean looking even when she needs to wash it, and she rarely has it unbraided. Her skin is tan but not dark and she keeps the tan color all the time. Her eyes are a very light blue, her nose is delicate, and her lips are the color of light lipstick and are nicely shaped, and her cheek bones are very visible. Her arms are strong but look weak. Her shoulders are strong and wide, her breasts are a good size medium (they don't get in the way). Her chest is very wide for big breaths when running, her hips are wide but her waist is small which gives her the hour glass shape. Her legs are very strong from riding runners but not big in the thighs. Her feet are big from a odd growth spurt. She is 5'9" and still growing only slower. Her weight is 125 to 130, it's all muscle. She is built for running long distant

speacialties: Fast running, swordmanship

personality: She is very free spirited and strong headed, when she makes up her mind there is no stopping her. She has that "WHAT DO U WANT" personality, though she has a deep respect for her elders and leaders. She does the work that is given and won't stop till it's done. She loves to work hard for what she owns. She is quite smart and love having to use her brain to figure out problems. She loves to try to solve riddles and puzzles. She has a bad temper but it is when people have bugged her a lot. She has a very strong will and uses it to her advantages.

weapons or stuff: Sword

history: raised as all elves are being the only one in all of ellesmera for 30 years. She picked up sword fighting quickly though she still hates the thought of killing. She loves running and does it when she wants to free herself. She never really knew her parents.

friends/family: not fully known

village/kingdom: ellesmera

characters theme song: Honky tonk badonky donk
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PostSubject: Re: Killaca the elf   Wed Nov 05, 2008 1:50 am

looks good

life is a constant fight
war just adds another battle to it
but time is in charge
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Killaca the elf
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