come to a world with raz-zac, elves, dwarfs, dragon riders, spirits and so many more. where magic isnt just a myth and fighting for freedom is alive.
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 Information #4

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PostSubject: Information #4   Fri Nov 07, 2008 12:35 am

This pertains to the use of the ancient language and magic

starting words:most people should start with no words but elves and some humans can start with some but they need to pm me Odo or zetsubou or another admin and that admin must approve it before they can use the magic otherwise they must learn the words and abilities.
learning words:Learning words is a difficult process this requires a teacher that already knows the words and takes a while. This teacher has to willingly teach you the word. You also have to use it at least 5 times with that teacher to use it in other topics or battles.

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Information #4
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