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PostSubject: Lamir(human)   Sat Nov 08, 2008 2:01 am

name: Lamir

nickname:None, though if you chose to make one go ahead


rank: Human Warrior

description: Lamir is a tall man. He is around six feet tall. His muscles are thin, but strong. His appearance is deceiving, most would look at him and label him as evil, mean, or various other traits as such. He wears his hair down to around the middle of his back, letting it fall how it does. His eyes are a deep brown, so deep that they may appear black to some who don't look hard enough. His face is scarred in various places, along with his arms and torso. He smiles often, but gets a very serious look when he thinks that may appear angry or solemn.
Lamir wears clothes fit for travel. He is clad in all green cloth, a shirt with short sleeves. For protection he wears a leather vest. His pants are a deep green, matching his shirt, and they come down to about where his feet are. On his feet are a pair of odd kicking boots, they are flexible and comfortable, but have a plating of metal inside the bottom of each boot. Under his pants are two pieces of cloth. Attached to these are a multitude of daggers, ready to be thrown at any time. Over everything is a cloak that is splattered with natural colors in a way that if he stood still in the woods, he would seem to disappear.

specialties: Lamir has always had a talent for anything natural. He can survive in the woods for long periods of time, hunt extremely well with only his daggers, and maneuver in the woods with ease. His talent at moving silently in almost any terrain even with his boots astounds most people. Lamir is talented in archery, and hiding as well as taming animals.

personality: Lamir is a cheery man. He enjoys alcohol maybe a little too much, and loves a good tale. Lamir is quick with a joke, or just a smile to cheer someone up. He may look hardened because of the things he does, but he is really extremely caring and friendly. He is loyal as well, so loyal that some compare him to canines. He would die for a friend he had just made under an hour ago. That is his fatal flaw. This tends to get him in many fights that have cost him his looks. Lamir loves to challenge himself, and always gets into random brawls for the fun, offering a drink to anyone involved later. He doesn't like using weapons except for hunting, though he has had to in the past. Underneath all of this barbaric behavior lies a truly cunning man. He can perceive things most cant, and he is always thinking when he is alone. Lamir has two special "talents" as he calls them. First, he can find the good in anyone. Second, he can see through his enemies weaknesses pretty easily.

weapons or stuff: Lamir uses daggers to fight. Hidden in the lining of his cloak, under his pant legs, and under his leather vest are all throwing daggers. He also keeps a dagger about the length of his forearm on his waist that he usually only uses for skinning animals.

Birth&Childhood Arc: Lamir grew up on the road. His birthplace was in the forest in fact. Lamir's father had been a traveling doctor, his mother a musician and aspiring mage. Lamir spent his entire childhood in the trees. Before he was tall enough to climb trees he would hold onto his father as his father climbed up with him to show him the sights. They were all happy together, and Lamir learned everything he needed to survive. His father taught him to throw a knife, his mother to skin the animal and cook it. By age seven, Lamir had learned to kill a bird with his knifes, skin it, and cook it for supper. It was a truly wonderful childhood.

Adolescence Arc: After thirteen years of living with his family, fate decided Lamir had had enough fun. Lamir's mother came down with a disease that his father had no idea how to cure. His father went off to find another doctor in a nearby town for help, and never came back. Lamir was left there to watch his mother die and lie to her saying that his father would be right back. Even though this event had taken everything from Lamir, and would probably destroy another man, Lamir pulled through. He stayed exactly the same because he knew his parents would want it. Lamir spent his teenage years traveling, helping people the only way he knew how. Lamir decided that he would kill or die for a friend, and luckily for him, everyone was a friend. Lamir began to see how much fun a good brawl was, and started basing his travels off of that. Lamir spent his days traveling the spine, stopping in at any tavern or inn he could and picking a fight. He made many friends this way, because he always bought them drinks afterward. Lamir made his money selling furs, maps of the area, and tools. This made a surprisingly good living, and Lamir enjoyed his work. Then came adulthood.

Adulthood.: Lamir's adulthood was spent exactly the same way as his teen years, except now people took him seriously. Fights became more intense, people drawing weapons on him. Lamir learned to fight with the knife he had grown up knowing as a tool. He stopped fighting for fun as much, and began fighting to survive a lot more. However, in these occasions he would simply buy the winning side a drink, or all of the men who had watched. Lamir tasted alcohol for the first time at the age of twenty and fell in love with it. It tasted great and made you feel even better. He became a drunk, and a usual in most pubs. But everyone loved him. He was never actually drunk, but he could pretend to be really well. Alcohol just never had that effect on him, but the men seemed to find him funny "drunk" so he stayed that way. Lamir has made many friends, and has eyes and ears all along the spine because of his past, this has come in handy many times before.

friends/family:No family, almost everyone is his friend.

village/kingdom: Lamir lives in the forests along the Spine, traveling constantly.

characters theme song: Headstrong

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PostSubject: Re: Lamir(human)   Sat Nov 08, 2008 2:02 am

done and approved

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