come to a world with raz-zac, elves, dwarfs, dragon riders, spirits and so many more. where magic isnt just a myth and fighting for freedom is alive.
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 Information #6

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PostSubject: Information #6   Sun Nov 09, 2008 6:16 pm

energy system. Every character has a limited amount of energy and it is worn down in a number of ways. For example if your fighting against npc's each common soldier will take 1 energy point to kill and each officer will take 2 and each major will take 3 and each watever the next rank is will take 4 and etc. Also for every word strung together in the ancient language will cost another energy point with a few exeptions that will be posted later. Wards will cost 1 energy point every time they are hit with a physical weapon. But for every point they put into the strike it takes another point off your energy. Spells are the same for every word or every extra point used it takes a point off the ward.
expetion words
death takes 5 points
me and I take 0 points
spare takes 2 points
hell takes 3 points
into in and to take 0 points
every attack or spell you can add extra points of yours to but the basic amount is still the same for attacking with melee weapons this costs no points unless it hits a ward or you use spells to inhance your attack.

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Information #6
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