come to a world with raz-zac, elves, dwarfs, dragon riders, spirits and so many more. where magic isnt just a myth and fighting for freedom is alive.
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 Information #7

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PostSubject: Information #7   Tue Nov 11, 2008 12:25 am

Character deletion: now no admin or mod will bann or delete your account if you just take a break or anything but there are events that can take place in order to lose your rank or account as listed.

being a leader and unexplained gone for 7 or more days-loss of rank/demotion
leaving for over 3 days unexplained-will be judged
charcter death-loss of rank but encouraged that you make a new character

that is all for the moment more will be added later

life is a constant fight
war just adds another battle to it
but time is in charge
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Information #7
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